Thursday, June 1, 2017

Keyboarding skills

A quick heads-up: The State of Ohio thinks that a college freshman English course should require 25 pages of edited, finished, typed papers per semester. If you are taking five academic courses (a pretty standard number), that means you might type as many as 100 pages of papers this semester.

That's a lot if your idea of "typing" is two thumbs on an iPhone. That's a lot if you have to search around for the "q" or you don't know how to actually type a quotation mark.

Now is not too soon to practice your typing skills. I did a quick search on Yahoo and found this free touch-typing practice page. It looks pretty good, and there are others if you search Google. (And your local bookstore certainly has a selection of how-to books for beginning typists.)

Every college freshman struggles with time pressure; learning to produce your papers quickly and efficiently should help at least a little.

Bulletin for Ashland students

Part of your tuition pays for a free copy of Microsoft Word, so don't buy one this summer.
  • This link to our Information Technology department is the beginning point for your free download.
    • I don't know how soon you have permission to download that software, but you need to sign in to MyAU Portal. The link is halfway down the page.
    • The instructions for downloading MS Word are very complex. I suggest you print them out before you start.
  • For Windows users (whether Ashland students or not), here is an excellent (and huge) free alternative to MS Word: Apache Open Office
    • As an Apple user, I greatly prefer NeoOffice, which is Open Office ported for the Apple. It costs a bit of money, but I think it's worth the expense.
  • Apple users already have Apple Pages, a very good word processor.
  • And of course, we all have Google Docs. You get there from your Ashland email account.