Monday, August 14, 2017

Into the Fall

Here are a few last-minute details you will need to know:


The courses I will teach this Fall are English 100, sections A, B, & C. As I write this (and all things are subject to change), all three sections will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Room 106 of the Dauch College of Business & Economics (some maps list it as COBE).
  • Section A: 8 to 8:50 AM
  • Section B: 9 to 9:50 AM
  • Section C: 10 to 10:50 AM

Things to buy

Computers: You do not need a computer to succeed in college because we have computer labs available in several places around campus. Most people do own laptops, but if you're uncertain about which to buy, perhaps you should wait until you get here and try out a few different ones from friends. Tablets (such as iPad) are fun, but you will get frustrated if you try to type a long paper on one.

Textbook: Yes, you do need to own the textbooks for most college courses. The one for this course is a reference book, the kind of thing you will want to keep for a long time (like a dictionary). Most college courses require at least a little writing (and some require a lot), so you will want something to help you. This is the book for this course:
  • Hacker, Diana, and Nancy Sommers. A Writer's Reference with 2016 MLA Update. 8th ed., Macmillan, 2016.
You need to know several things about college textbooks:
  1. Edition number is important. An 8th edition is not the same as a 7th.
  2. The college bookstore has what you need, and the staff know how to help you find it.
  3. Different instructors require different textbooks. Other sections of English 100 may not be using A Writer's Reference.
  4. If you buy a book from the bookstore and do not damage it, you can return it during the first couple of weeks for a refund. (This is useful if you make a mistake or discover you need to change your class schedule.) Keep your receipts.