Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Learning Laundry

Now, before it's a last-second emergency, learn how to do laundry. (Note: This is probably a more urgent issue for guys!) Ask your mom or someone else who actually knows how to do laundry to show you. (My high school girlfriend walked me through the process and stood over me while I did a couple of loads. I'm endlessly grateful to her for that.)

I am not endorsing a particular laundry product, but here's a website from one of them that should help:

Two hints need extra emphasis:
  • Don't wash your brand-new red sweatshirt with everything else unless you want to go through this year nick-named "Pinky." Dark colors bleed dye onto everything else in the machine. Reds bleed a LOT!
  • If you leave your phone in your pocket, you get to buy a new phone. If you leave a ballpoint pen in your pocket, the dryer will make certain everything has blobs of ink.