Monday, September 25, 2017

Rules for Paper Revisions

The rules for paper revisions are discussed in our course syllabus, so this is just a summary.
  • Essays 1, 2, 3, and 4 are eligible for revision. The midterm, the Qualifying Essay, and Essay 5 are not eligible.
  • You may revise two of those essays for a better grade.
  • Essays which receive a passing grade (C+ = 76% or better) are not eligible for revision.

Mechanical Details

  • Your revision is due one week after you receive the graded paper. No written work of any sort (originals or revisions) will be accepted after the end of our class period on Wednesday, November 29.
  • Do not upload your revision to Blackboard. Your revision will be hard copy (printed pages).
  • The "revision package" will consist of three things:
    1. The original paper you submitted, along with its comment sheet
    2. Your revised paper
    3. A memo discussing what you changed and why you changed it


  • If your revision consists entirely of making changes the teacher marked (fixing capitalization, for example), your grade will not change.
  • If your "revision package" lacks any of the three elements (for example, if you simply turn in a clean copy of the revised paper without either the memo or the original marked copy), your grade will not change.
  • If your revised paper is somehow worse than the original attempt, your grade will not change.
  • The grade for the revised paper replaces the original paper grade. They are not averaged.