Monday, November 6, 2017

Signing Up for Spring Courses

You can begin signing up for Spring 2018 courses on Monday, November 13. Here are some quick guidelines:
  • Sign up as soon as possible. Courses fill up, and you don't want to get shut out of a course you really need.
    • Courses have a maximum size, and most instructors are not very willing to sign for overloads. In fact, most of our supervisors have told us not to do it.
  • Go ahead and sign up for English 101. If you need to repeat 100, we can easily make the change later.
  • Sign up for English 110 as well. It's a one-credit lab, and the time is arranged to fit your schedule. It's a required course for most students who are moving from 100 to 101
Should you attempt to follow the same instructor into the next course? Good question. Those who favor this idea say that it's great to stick with someone whose style matches yours. Those who disagree say that the English Department (like the other departments here) is filled with qualified, interesting people, and it's a good thing to get a cross section of their learning.