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Face to Face Classes Canceled

This morning faculty received an email from the Provost, saying that all instruction should move online for the rest of the semester.

Here is what this means for us:

  • Cohort meetings scheduled for Friday, November 20, Monday, November 23, and Tuesday, November 24 are canceled.
  • The semester is not done yet. We still have written assignments, readings, and other material in the folders for weeks 13, 14, and 15.
  • The Provost's letter was a strong recommendation, not an absolute requirement, so your other teachers may or may not cancel classes. Watch your email for news from them about how they will handle things.
  • You should watch for graded copies of your essays #4 and #5 to come to you by email.
  • The course blog went to sleep for a couple of months, but I will bring it back to life and start posting things here.
  • I am still reading and answering email.

Coming assignments which are still due:

  1. Friday, November 20: Essay #4, Arguing a Point
  2. Friday, December 4: Peer editing Essay #5 (We will do this by email; the instructions are in the folder for Week 14.)
  3. Friday, December 11: Essay #5, Literacy in the Workplace
  4. Friday, December 11: Short writing, Course Evaluation

I have a deadline too: I will have one week to grade all the papers which come in on December 11, so I am going to enforce the rule which I announced at the start of the semester: No written work will be accepted after midnight, December 11.

This has been a difficult semester for all of us. Better days are coming!


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